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TWX Proxy Pro v2.10
TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 has been released to the general public.  With this releace there is the following changes/bug fixes. More...

The download links have been fixed.  And all the links on the Download page link to the same files that SourceForge does.

      May 23, 2005

Development of TWX Proxy Pro to not end
After receiving quite a few emails and ICQ messages, from various people.  To include one of TWX Proxy's original supporters and contributers.  I will not go into the details of the reponces or the conversation I had with one of TWX's original supporters.  But, I would just like to thank you all.  And I would like to say that the development of TWX Proxy Pro, or something like a TWX helper, will continue for the fore seeable future.

I apology for my haste, and what would seem to be a child like manner, in this matter.

I am currently begining discustions with my development team, and testers. To receive input from them on the my vision for the future of TWX Proxy Pro.  As well as to receive their ideas of what they would like TWX Proxy Pro to be. Hopefully a road map for the development of TWX Proxy Pro will be set soon.

If you would like to contribute your ideas for TWX Proxy Pro, then please visit the support forums and begin posting your suggestions and/or commentes there.

All TWX Proxy Pro files are once again available for download.  And the support forums is back online.

      May 22, 2005

TWX Proxy Pro developement has come to an end
As per instructions that was relayed to me from Xide.  I must stop all development on any type TWX Proxy helper.  It would seem that ElderProphet has Xide's complete permission to do with TWX Proxy as he sees fit.  Well, I would like to say to EP good luck on TWX Proxy project.

With this in mind all files have been pulled from all of the respected servers. For those that have already downloaded the program. I'm am sorry for this latest event. But, I will only be giving any support for it by email. So, if you need support then you will have to contact me by email. Or just abandone the program all together. And await for ElderProphet to release TWX Proxy.

      May 14, 2005

TWX Proxy Pro v2.11 Interum build
I have released an interum build to take care of a possible problem with TWX Proxy Pro and the displaying of its windows.  The only information I have on this issue is what was relayed to me by 3rd parties.  I have yet to receive any information directly from any one that is experiencing this problem.

And this corrects a very hard to track down issue with TWX Proxy, and TWX Proxy Pro, issue of not beable to import game information exported by other helpers.

Read the changes.txt file in the distribution for more details.  Visit the Download page to get this build.

      May 8, 2005

TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 Information update
Okay, I have found the cause of the STARDOCK System Value not updating after the V Screen is listed, while a script is running.  All of my test scripts was first displaying the V screen and then waitFor the command prompt to return.  This was the error of my ways.  The cause of the issue is the waitFor statement.  It seems that when using a waitFor statement.  That TWX will pause execution of the script until the required trigger text is received.   At wiich point it immediately resumes execution of the script, This is expected behavior.  But what is not excpected behavior, is that TWX will not perform a save of any sector/planet/port/trader information that it may already have in queue to the database.  Which would then be updated to the twx's db memory cache.  Instead it holds of on saving that information, and updating the db memory cache, until the next event that causes an update of the game's database.

So my recommendation is to never use the waitFor command if you plan to use any information from the game's database.  And to only use waitOn or a setTextTrigger/setTextLineTrigger after having a script list the V Screen.

      May 7, 2005

TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 Information update
I have updated the TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 Feature page to include additional information about the STARDOCK system value update by the V screen.  This information has also been added to the changes.tst file in all of the distribution files.

With the repackaging done to include the updated changes.txt tile. I have also added a test script, testMenu.ts, to show the use of dynamic menus, and labels in menus.

      May 6, 2005

TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 has been released
The latest release of TWX Proxy Pro has been reeleased to the public today.  There are many fixes, changes and additions to TWX Proxy Pro.  So click on the more button to find out what the the fixes, changes and addtions are.  You can get the latest release by visiting the download page.

      May 6, 2005

TWX Script Converter
The TWX Script Converter will not be released under a OpenSource license.  As such the TWX Proxy Group is unable to host or distribute the program in any form.

Instead a new website will be created for the product's update, download and registration.  I should have it ready within the next week, so check back for the link to the website.  Or watch for it on the EIS Support forums.

      May 2, 2005

TWX Proxy is now TWX Proxy Pro.
As previously reported the name of TWX Proxy, released by the TWX Proxy Group, has been changed to TWX Proxy Pro.  This was done to allow ElderProphet to produce, and release, the "Official" TWX Proxy TW Helper.  As well as to help the users in distinguishing between ElderProphet's 'Official' version of TWX and the one released by the TWX Proxy Group.

      May 2, 2005

TWX Proxy Pro. v2.10 in testing
TWX Proxy Pro. v2.10 is currently being tested by our testers.  (You can see the current list of testers on the About Us page.)  It was sent to them April 27, 2005 for testing, and at the moment things are going well with the testing.

If the testing continues to go this smoothly. Then TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 will be released on May 6, 2005.

      May 2, 2005

What's changed in TWX Proxy Pro. v2.10?
Well, TWX Proxy Pro. v2.10 has so many fixes, changes and additions. That it is impossilble list them here, so you will have to follow the More button below to find out what they are.

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