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What's new in TWX Proxy Pro v2.10

Well, TWX Proxy Pro. v2.10 has the following fixes/changes/additions:

Bug fixes:
  1. All issues with using decimal numbers in any math calculations has been resolved.

    1. For setPrecision 0 math calculations -  If any math operation receives a decimal value for a calculation.  The calculation is performed on the original value.  And the resulting value will be rounded down to the nearest whole number.  This allows the user to use decimal values in their math calculations.  But to receive a value in return that is similar to previous versions of TWX, and that follows how Tradewars 2002 does it's own calculations.

    2. For all setPrecision of non-zero math calculations -   All calculations are performed on all supplied values and then the result is rounded up to the nearest decimal place.

  2. Xide added a new OPTIONAL parameter to the OpenMenu command.  But had forgotten to add the additional parameter to the interpreter.  This has been fixed.

  3. With the release of TWX Proxy v2.00.  Xide added the ability to compile user made script by an external program.  This is different from the v1.xx series were all you could do was encrypt the script file(s).

    One of the features of the compiling program, was the ability to add a description of the script, within the compiled version of the script.  But, it seems that Xide had forgotten to add two lines of code to complete this feature.  This has been fixed.

    NOTE: Script descriptions has no effect, of any kind, on a compiled script while it is running.
  1. The STARDOCK System value is now updated by visiting the sector it is in, as well as from the V screen if it is shown.

    NOTE: DO NOT use a waitFor statment after displaying the V screen.  This causes the game's databse to not be updated immediatly.  And it also does not update the game's database's memory cache.  Instead use a waitOn statement, or a setTextTrigger/setTextLingTrigger statement instead.

    If you must use a waitFor statement, then you MUST redisplay the current sector information before doing anything else.  Or else the STARDOCK sector number will not be available to the script currently running.

  2. The display of TWX internal and Script Custom menus has changed in the following ways:

    1. The display of the general menu options has been moved to the bottom of the menu display.  This creates what I believe to be a better menu layout.

    2. The color used to display the menu item's Option key, or hot key, was changed.  This allows the Option key to stand out more in the menu.

    3. Script custom menus are no longer sorted, based upon the Option key, prior to the displaying of the menu.  This change was required for the remaining changes and addition to the Menu system

    4. Since the custom menu is not sorted prior to it being displayed.  The script author can now create the menu, so that it will display the menu items in the order they wish the items to be displayed in.

    5. There is now the ability to use dynamic custom menus.  This is not a true dynamic menu system.  It is one that is as close as it can get, without completely re-writing the whole menu system.  But, in it's current form, it is very useful for the script writer.

  3. I believed that the displaying of local, the same computer, client connections and disconnects are not necessary.  So the default selected state of the 'Broadcast a message when a client connects' in the setup menu has changed to the following:

    1. You are unable to change the setting of this option, unless you have selected Accept external connections.

    2. When not accepting external connections, the default is to not display messages when a local client is connecting.
  1. Since there was no place to display the script description in a compiled script.  I have added tes ability to display the description, while listing the script(s) in the script directory from the TWX Internal Script menu.  i.e. $SD

    If a compiled script has a script description, then it will be displayed just below the script file name.

  2. Added ALPHACENTAURI System Value.  If you have visited the sector that Alpha Centauri Class 0 port is in.  Then this System value will return the sector number that AC is located in, otherwise it will return 0.

  3. Added RYLOS System Value.  If you have visited the sector that Rylos Class 0 port is in.  Then this System value will return the sector number that Rylos is located in, otherwise it will return 0.

  4. Added a new OPTIONAL parameter to the addMenu command.  This allows the script writer to hide a menu item at the time the menu is created.  See the script reference, for TWX Pro v2.10, for more details.

  5. Added a new command hideMenuItem.  The allows the script writer to hide/unhide menu item(s) in the currently displayed parent menu.  See the script reference, for TWX Pro v2.10, for more details.

  6. Added a new command addMenuLabel.  This allows the script writer to add label(s) to a custom menu.   Which will allow script writers to group similar menus together under one parent menu.  See the script reference, for TWX Pro v2.10, for more details.

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