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History of TWX Proxy by the original Author

Date: 12 March 2005
Author: Remco Mulder, aka Xide

TWX Proxy began as a pet project of mine back in early 1999. Over a 6 year period, the project evolved from a simple VB "sendkeys" application into a fully featured telnet proxy server complete with its own flatfile database and powerful scripting engine. With frequent revisions, the project has stayed quite lean considering its feature set (some 23000 lines of core code).

While I originally started the project in an effort to improve my own play of Trade Wars 2002, it rapidly gained momentum and demand for it grew. By 2002, it was almost impossible to compete in TW2002 tournament play without prior programming experience or the use of TWX Proxy. The revolutionary proxy design that was the major selling point of the program allowed users to put together the best features of other helpers with many of the freeware (and commercial) scripts that became available for it. While many other helpers have a far simpler and easier to use interface, TWX Proxy made its dent through reliability, flexibility, and scriptability.

The program has been through many major revisions, starting from the low profile 1.1 and finishing with the largely refactored 2.03. 1.06b saw the introduction of the Pack2 scripts - a commercial script library that had a massive impact on the way TW2002 is played. The largest revision (2.00) saw a near complete rewrite of the source code to include a much more efficient script compiler/interpreter that allowed far more modularity in script construction. The 2.00 release was a major breakthrough in scripting capability featuring scripts that were capable of independently roaming a random universe while trading, creating, upgrading and colonising planets without any user intervention required.
The 2.03 release was mostly a cleanup effort to try and root out some of the last remaining corners of legacy code and pound the program into a more modular layout. While still far from perfect, the code is finally in a state where I no longer feel extremely embarrassed putting it out where others can get to it.

It is my hope that by releasing this source under the GPL, TWX Proxy will continue to grow as part of a community effort and will continue to help level the TW playing field between the general population and the programmers that actively dominate the game. I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the many testers, scripters and users that have all made such an effort to make TWX Proxy a success. Without you, this project simply would not exist.

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