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TWX Proxy Pro v2.10
TWX Proxy Pro v2.10 has been released to the general public.  With this releace there is the following changes/bug fixes. More...

The download links have been fixed.  And all the links on the Download page link to the same files that SourceForge does.

      July 25, 2005 @ 9:39PM MTD

Support Forums going offline
The support forums will going offline for approx. 12-24hrs. The will take place at about 10:30PM MTD.

The forums are being brought down so that I may work on the issues that are plaquing the server. While at the same time, I will be upgrading the forum's software to the latest release.

      July 5, 2005

General Update
I'm sorry for the lack of update information and for the support forums currently being down. Please be assured that TWX Proxy Pro is still in development. The reason for the lack of information, is from my having been out of state to attend to my dieing Aunt. And then having to deal with my late Aunt's estate. I only just arrived back in town late last night, actually it was more like very early this morning.

While I was away the support forums had gone down for some unknown reason. I am currently working to bring the support forums back online at this moment. Barring any major problems I hope to have them backup within the next 24hrs.

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